Boardwalk Bargains

Boardwalk Bargains

Boardwalk Bargains

Boardwalk Bargains: The Quaint Spots of Atlantic City

What is the best thing you can do at Atlantic City? Going on a budget trip can be challenging, but it’s highly possible. Arm yourself with the Fred Mertz mentality! Bring your loved ones, and spend 3 frugal and fun days at Atlantic City.

First Day

Choose your hotel properly. Before finalizing your booking, make sure to research first. Are you familiar with the The Inn at the Irish Pub? This was built in 1903, and has a global reputation. It hosts several visitors from all over the world. Its restaurant has a strong following, and is busy all the time. This is good place to stay in, most especially for first-timers.

Boardwalk BargainsYou also shouldn’t worry about parking slots and fees. The Irish Pub has a lot just across the street. It really provides a good location, so the price is really worth it. Their staff is composed of nice people, and would attend to your every need.

Don’t be shy to ask for some assistance, especially if you want a tour around the establishment.

Trust me, nothing can ever prepare you for the beauty of its Victorian lobby. The decorations are very elaborate. There are beautiful sitting areas and porches.

This in has around 60 rooms, but each and every one is unique. They all have views of the ocean outside, as well as their own set of antique furniture. There are no televisions, though. If you want to a glimpse of some TV shows, you can do so at the lobby.

Now, where to eat lunch? The Irish Pub is your one-stop shop for a delicious lunch meal. They offer a friendly service, and that the portions are very generous. You will surely enjoy your lunch experience, being surrounded by beautiful posters, and stained-glass windows. Also, who wouldn’t love being serenaded by Irish music? You will surely return for supper.

After a heavy lunch meal, you now have the time and energy to shop and stroll around. Make the most out of your day. It will all be worth it.

Second Day

Your second day should be as fun and exciting as the first one. Rise early and bright! If you want to eat breakfast somewhere else, ask your hotel manager. One of the highly recommended places is Perry’s. Hot coffee? Crisp home fries? They say that they have the best breakfast meals in town.

Boardwalk BargainsAfterwards, you may want to go to the boardwalk. Join the bikers, walkers and joggers as they start their day right.

A long walk may lead you at The Tropicana, The Quarter. It is an entertainment and retail complex.

Now, it’s time again for lunch. Why not try some authentic Cuban cuisine? Cuba Libre at The Quarter is a good choice. It’s great to have a taste of the Old Havana with Cuban art and Spanish music.

Feel free to explore The Quarter after a good lunch meal. It can be very tiring, but don’t worry! You’ll get to explore another institution of Atlantic City which is the Jitney. A jitney is a small bus which travels the city. Want to take a ride?

Third Day

Your third day is your check out day. At this point, you cash may be running low. Yet, are still amazing food options! Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast would never disappoint. Then, you may want to do some last-minute thrift shopping before eating lunch. The nearby H&M usually has bargain pieces.

Check your schedule. If you have some time and money to burn before leaving, you may want to try the slot machine as similar to live casino Malaysia.

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