1. Focus on your end goal.

Using keywords is not all about tricking Google. It’s about matching your website’s language, to the language your target readers use when they look for you online. Keywords are, quite simply, how readers search for your service or product. The goal of using keywords and SEO is to help search engines understand your website.

2. Understand the concept of SEO.

Google and other search engines want to serve relevant results along with unique content to all their customers. Your goal must be to provide web pages that Google wants to serve to its audience. For this to happen, you need to optimize your website, and individual pages. One important tip you must remember regarding this is to think in terms of keyword themes.

3. Make a map.

After figuring out your end goals and concept, you can begin mapping keywords to your web pages. This step is crucial, since it can help you avoid duplicated keyword themes. Furthermore, it helps you check all of your website parts and architecture, and see how they work altogether to build your entire website.

4. Determine your page’s value and relevance.

Start looking at your website as a while, and individually. Define what specific questions every page answers, and which subjects it is relevant for. Are your pages helping anyone? Don’t worry. This process doesn’t need to be time consuming and tedious. You just need to make sure providing great value to your users.

5. Implement thorough keyword research.

To make sure that you are using the right keywords, use Google Research Tool. If your web pages has been up for quite a while, use Search Queries report on Google Search Console. There, you will see how Google understands your web pages. If you think you need help in using these keywords, feel free to hire an SEO consultant in Malaysia.

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