1. Write longer posts.

Do you know that long-form content ranks much higher in the search engine results pages? This is because it takes longer to read, and that more keywords can be used. Moreover, it keeps readers on your page, improving time on page, which is an important SEO ranking factor. According to research, 2,500 words is the best article length for to make the most out of your SEO strategy.

2. Write catchy, engaging headlines.

80% of website readers never make it past the headlines, and only 2 out of 10 visitors reach the first paragraph. If you fail to write a catchy title, people would never read your articles. Writing engaging headline is not an easy task, so if you think you need some help, there are plenty of local SEO services in Malaysia that can help you out.

3. Write compelling introductions.

Writing a good website introduction is like giving your target audience a warm welcome. Make sure that you would trigger the curiosity of your readers. If not, you would lose them halfway down your page. You may think that this is a simple matter that generates no positive result, but introductions really play an important part in your strategy.

4. Use transitions.

The key to keeping readers on your web pages is using transitions. Use your creativity to move them down your page. Just like headlines, transitions is an entire topic of its own. There are plenty of online guides out there that can teach you how to leverage on this.

5. Utilize good formatting.

Great formatting would improve the time individuals spend on your web pages. Focus on the lengths of your paragraphs and sentences. In general, no sentence must contain over 20 words. When it comes to paragraphs, it must contain less than 200 words.