What Are the Things that Help Keep Your Customers Coming Back to Your E-Commerce Store?

What Are the Things that Help Keep Your Customers Coming Back to Your E-Commerce Store?

Did you know that according to a report, returning customers actually amount to a total of 52% of the total revenue for e-commerce stores in 2018? Well, that was according to a report published by Monetate that repeat customers actually spend more money than people who have just visited a particular online store.

The problem with new site visitors is that although your site’s traffic is high; they will not necessarily spend their money on your website. They will just contribute to a high bounce rate on your website.

Repeat customers, on the other hand, are people who are satisfied with your products and services that they do not mind spending a lot of their money into your venture.

So, what are the things that help keep customers going back to your online store? Read on to find out.


In most online stores, business owners want their customers to sign up for an account to help them provide better services. One of these services should be more personalized content. Let me explain.

Using your website’s analytics, you will find out a lot of things about your customers. For instance, you might find that your customers continuously buy this particular product over others. When they go back to your website, they might buy it again and again.

Because of this, you want to use that information and provide offers to them, especially if it is something that they might want to buy during their next visit.

You can send them emails if you have, say, a new shipment of new Korean skincare products or something. Doing this extra step will actually help entice your repeat customers to keep coming back to your e-commerce website.

Reward Customer Loyalty

If you are experiencing a high rate of repeat customers, then it would be best that you reward them with a few perks.

For example, you can send them personalized coupon codes that they can use on their next purchase. A 5-10% discount is not much on your end, but it can mean a world to your consumers.

Furthermore, you can also add some additional perks as well. For instance, during the holidays, you can provide the option for free gift-wrapping or free shipping. Always reward your loyal customers as they are the lifeblood of your company.

Create a Newsletter

Your customers are busy people as well and they might not know about anything that you are selling at any point in time. Although they are your repeat customers, they may not even have knowledge that you are going to have a sale this weekend.

To help notify them, you can create a newsletter and send them to their email accounts. Highlight the things that are going to be on sale, what perks they can acquire, among other pertinent details that your customers need to know.

Remember, providing great service across the board is a must as it will help entice people to come back to your online shop.

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