What It Truly Means to Make Good Architecture

What It Truly Means to Make Good Architecture

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Architects have a profound job of making sure that the buildings that they have helped design will actually be aesthetically pleasing, as well as functional and safe for the inhabitants to use.

That being said, we now live in a world where natural resources are becoming scarce and it is up to us to ensure that we keep on preserving what little things we still have left.

This means that architects need not only create new buildings, but to also reuse existing ones- or at least, use the materials that can still be used in the construction of a new structure.

Architecture firms in Malaysia hold this strong belief that we should reuse anything that can still be utilized so that we do not waste our precious resources.

There is now a growing initiative that urges architects to use old buildings (by repurposing or renovating them) instead of actually building new structures. This is to preserve resources and to also utilize what little space we have left in urban areas (or even in public places).

If they absolutely have to create a new building, the structure that is going to be built should absolutely be good in a lot of areas. This means that it adheres to the principles of green architecture– making it more energy-efficient. It also has to make sure that it answers all of the building codes and zoning bylaws, and most important of all, it has to still be within the requirements that are set by their clients.

To be able to make a decision regarding this matter, the architect would have to use introspection to ask themselves a couple of questions, such as what is actually needed, what is possible given current means, and what our dreams and aspirations are as architects.

Good Architecture

We should make use of our knowledge and skills to help build a reality where the betterment of all can be achieved- in a social, aesthetic, and environmental sense.

While we ensure that we establish buildings, parks, monuments, and other structures, it is important that we always think of architecture as not a “people’s” commission. This is not to say that false populism misses the entire point that I am making or those people who get to decide what, where, and how buildings should be made.

I am advocating for a populist architecture– to help spearhead the social and economic revolution. If this idea is actually too much to ask for, then architects would have to come up with different ways by using their knowledge, skills, and the opportunities that are presented to them- to help them design buildings that are apt for their skills, experience, research, and by also adhering to the right questions.

I firmly believe that architecture can make this world so much better- not only from a social perspective, but also from an environmental sense as well. We can help create spaces that are accessible, sustainable, and open for the public to use. It can help make stages on which we can do our individual roles in society.

Architecture, then, can be used as a tool that will help bridge us all together.

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